1860s Tunics for Young Boys

Little boys in 1860 outfits at school

The boys at the “school” display

This year, both of my brothers had outgrown their reenacting outfits, so I had to make these.

When we began to plan them, I wanted to make Daniel a new shirt just like his old one, and a tunic for Joshua. Put simply, the reasoning is that Joshua is still in the “little boy” phase, and Daniel is a “bigger boy”, but not a quite a boy old enough to have grown up clothes.

But Daniel had other ideas.

1860 tunics in action

The tunics in action

He was adamant that he match Joshua. It was not enough to have the same fabric for each of their shirts, he wanted the same style. I finally convinced him to let me change up the sleeves, so that we would be able to tell which tunic was who’s, but that was all!

Civil War boy tunic

Joshua was happy that I wasn’t worried about him getting his outfit dirty

I found inspiration in this outfit (the one on the boy standing on the table). I scaled it down to a less fashionable silhouette – the image is from a fashion magazine, after all, and what little boy cares to be fashionable?

All the pattern pieces are rectangles, and the only shaping is the curve of the neckline.

As always, you can click on the pictures for larger views.


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